Increase Productivity, Get More Sales and Reduce Costs

3GB Cloud is a business system that will increase revenue by up to 300% and productivity by up to 500%

The Main Business Problem!

The problem with most businesses is they rely on other 3rd party systems, tools and applications (like Word, Calendar, Email, Excel, Marketing, Sales, Management, Quotes, Invoices etc.), meaning they store information in various application formats and locations, which becomes costly, complex and difficult to implement, manage, use and maintain.

You end up with numerous software licences from many providers, a technical issue is always someone else’s problem, and in order to keep everything running you spend a fortune on support agreements for your in-house systems and your cloud providers. Your staff are constantly wasting time rekeying information from one application to another, your business is HEAVILY RELIANT on MANUAL PROCESSES and there is LITTLE TO NO AUTOMATION meaning everything takes much longer than it should which makes your business barely profitable.

The 3G Business Difference

26 Apps in One Database

3GBusiness comes with 26 + Apps that can access information from one another and stores all data in one single location. Meaning your business and staff can take full advantage of features you only dreamt of, which enables you to increase productivity by 500% and greatly reduce the cost and complexity of running of your business.

Control and Automate All Business Apps

Most business systems have little to no automation or control of the 3rd party applications they use. 3G Business comes with a full suite of 26+ Business Apps that can be controlled and automated such as a Word-like Editor, Outlook-like email and calendar, AutoPilot Marketing and Workflow Management system which enables you to Automate your Sales Follow-ups and Marketing campaigns so you can get More Customers and More Sales.

3GBusiness will Increase Productivity, Get More Sales & Reduce Costs

What 3G Business Can Do For Your Business?

  • Close More Sales

    Automate your sales processes and follow-ups and increase your repeat business.

  • KILL Admin Work

    Automate admin & greatly increase productivity.

  • Get Back More Time

    Let 3G Business manage your staff, jobs, services & customers.

  • Automate Web Enquiries

    Let 3GB create your customer files, manage and distribute your leads and auto-respond to customer enquiries.

  • Get More Customers

    3GB AutoPilot Marketing will nurture your leads, convert them into prospects and sales.

  • Simplify Accounts

    Automate quotes, invoices and accounts.

  • Automate Calendar Sync

    Auto-sync all jobs, services & appointment data directly to and from field staff mobile devices.

  • Access on Any Device

    Free up your business data & access anywhere at any time.

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Just A Few of Our Powerful Apps...

Reminds your staff - 1) What to do 2) When to do it 3) How to do it 4) With extensive right click features enabling your staff to quickly & efficiently perform complex tasks with a few simple mouse clicks.

Really Simplify Work Management and Distribution

Manage Your Business and Staff More Efficiently

Managing a business comes with many challenges, one being staff management. The problem is you can’t manage each and every task of each staff member or can you? With the 3GB Action Management System now you can automatically remind staff what to do, when to do it, how to do it, monitor workloads and distribute work more evenly.

Automate your Marketing with Ease!

Use 3GB AutoPilot Marketing to automate Lead Nurturing so you never waste another lead. Maximise repeat business by automating your up-sell, cross-sell and repeat purchase campaigns. Increase sales with auto-Follow-Ups and reward your best customers via the VIP Loyalty System. 3G Business will help you get More Customers and More Sales!

Create Lead Nurturing, Up-Sell, Cross-Sell and Repeat Purchase Campaigns with Ease with just about any trigger you can imagine.

Create Auto-Marketing Campaigns with Ease

Parse & extract email information, attached documents & pictures directly to customer files and send personalised auto-responses with personalised attachments.

Extract Email Data + Attachments Directly To Customer Files

Automate the Creation & Updating of Customer Files

The 3GB Email Parser Wizard enables you to automate incoming Email Messages, Web Enquiries, Emailed Documents and Pictures, create triggers based upon message content to automate the creation and updating of customer files, control business processes and send personalised auto-responses with personalised attachments. Parse & extract information directly to specific database fields and customer files.

A Customer File with Everything!

All received, sent and created data for your customers will be automatically filed for you. No more creating customer email folders, customer document folders, forwarding customer emails to different staff members or different systems, and no more scanning, dragging and dropping. 3GB will take care of all your customer data.

1) A home for all your customer data; A Customer File for each customer with: Contact info, tasks, actions, reminders, jobs & services, all sent, received and created documents and pictures, all messages including emails, web forms, faxes, sms even quotes, invoices and payments. 2) View all sent and received messages for that customer, 3) All message types, 4) Extensive Outlook like features 5) With Outlook like look and feel.

ONE place for ALL your customer data…

1 click appointment creation, auto sms confirmations with sms reminders, auto google calendar synch and one single view of booked, confirmed, checked in/out, completed and paid jobs and services.

Save Time & Money with the 3GB Calendar

A Calendar That Does it ALL

The 3GB Multi-Resource MS Outlook-like calendar is one of the most powerful calendar systems on the market. With auto-appointment confirmations, 1-click appointment booking, recurring appointments and auto-invoice creation, SMS confirmation and reminders plus much more. Not only does all this simplify the scheduling of jobs and services in your business it also syncs ALL calendar data directly to and from the mobile devices of your field staff automatically, saving you Time and Money.

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Why You Can’t Live Without 3GBusiness?

Let’s face it if you are in business it’s all about PROFIT, if you want to increase profit you need to increase sales and or reduce costs. 3GBusiness has been purposely designed to achieve this by:

Productivity_new500_128Productivity Increase

Create your sales templates and processes, automate with the workflow manager and greatly simplify sales and admin, freeing up time for your staff to close up to 5 times more business.



More Sales

Implement Auto Quotes, Auto Follow-ups and AutoPilot Marketing Campaigns so you can get more new customers and increase repeat purchases to the existing ones.

Love_128More Love

3GBusiness will greatly improve your customer service and make it a lot easier for your staff to hit their targets, meaning your staff and customers will love you more.


50p_128Less Costs

No need for complex and expensive on-site hardware, software, backups and IT support. 3GBusiness is an all-in-one cloud based system, saving you thousands each and every month.

Increase Productivity, Get More Sales, More Love and Reduce Costs.

Some of Our Customers and What They Say...

First we noticed a productivity increase of approximately 500% and within 3 months, monthly revenue increased by 300%. Was sceptical at first but now am pleasantly surprised and grateful for the results.

S. Stapleton
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How Much is Your Business Losing Every Minute?


In an average business with 10 staff:


Every Business Minute You are Losing $5.35 

Every minute of Every day your staff are costing $4.19 and are generating $5.17 in Revenue. Give them the right tools for the job and increase the value of every minute by $5.35.


Every Business Hour You are Losing $321

Your staff are costing you $252 per hour and are generating $346 per hour which means 72% of revenue is chewed up by staff costs. Reduce staff costs to 37% of revenue by Increasing Productivity and Automating your Processes so you can generate an extra $321 per hour.


Each and Every Business Day You are Losing $2566 

Your business is generating $2,769 every day, streamline your sales processes and automate marketing and free up staff time to close more sales so you can generate and extra $2012 in productivity value and $554 in sales each and every day.

Assumptions: Based on a business with 10 Staff, an average staff salary of $4k per month, an average of $60k in revenue per month with 20% increase in sales and 100% productivity gain.

Stop Wasting Time & Money,

Enquire Now and Claim the Benefits for Your Business Today!

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Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders Trust 3G Business


Jim Kostakis

Australian Laser

& Skin Clinics


Paul Byers

Great Water


Terry Lewis

3Gi Technology


Jeremie Hargreaves

Lisarow Glass


Kerry Greig

Bundy Windscreens

3GBusiness Loves Integrations

3GB Cloud works well with all these tools and applications...

Create, View, Edit and work with MS Office and Google Apps.

Try 3GBusiness Risk Free

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free.  If you're not happy with 3G Business for any reason, simply let us know (via email) and we'll happily refund your monthly subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconIs 3G Business a monthly recurring payment or a one-off charge?

    You can purchase 3GB Cloud on a monthly subscription or 3GB on your Own Network which is a one off charge.

  • q-iconWho Sets up 3G Business?

    Choose from 2 options: A – SELF Set-up which is FREE. B – Managed Set-up where we set-up for you for a fee.

  • q-iconWill my business data be secure?

    On both 3G Business Cloud and 3G Business on your OWN Network your data is totally secure; in both situations we install the 3G Business software on a private server.

  • q-iconCan I use my own email account/s or do you provide new ones?

    You can use your own email accounts (new or existing) or request new ones from us.

  • q-iconHow long does it take to set up 3G Business for my business?

    If we are setting it up for you, once we receive your data, it usually takes between 4 and 8 hours.

  • q-iconWhat payment methods are available for the monthly cloud option?

    We can directly debit your credit card or if you choose you can use direct bank transfer.

  • q-iconWhat are the costs for SMS messages

    The price for SMS varies from 5 cents to 8 cents depending on the volume purchased. please note these are high quality bidirectional SMSs. You only pay for SMSs sent, received SMSs are free.

  • q-iconDo you provide Documentation and Training?

    Upon purchasing 3G Business, you have access to our knowledge base, which contains lots of articles, videos and how-to documents. If you purchase set-up, you will be provided with user and admin training as well.

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