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3G Business is the new way to greatly improve sales, marketing, admin and accounts.

I purchased 3G Business and honestly believe it is one of the best decisions I have made, I totally rate and recommend it!

Jeremie Hargraves
Jeremie Hargraves MD, Lisarow Glass

First we noticed a productivity increase of 500% and within 3 months, monthly revenue increased by 300%.

Sophie Stapleton
Sophie Stapleton CWA Finance Manager

Why 3G Business is Different?

Complete Suite of 26+ Business Applications

3G Business is the first complete suite of business applications that delivers a whole new level of efficiency by eliminating the need for other applications, for costly and complex integration and for expensive customisation. 3G Business comes with 26+ converged apps, so there is no need for integration.  You can customise them yourself so there is no need for customisation engineers.

Apps Can Access Data Created By Other Apps

Most applications are limited; to accessing data only they create (Word can access only Word files, for example). Some have built in API’s but they are still limited to pulling, pushing or synching limited data from one application to another. 3G Business Apps can access data freely from other apps as and when required.

Apps Can Communicate With Other Apps

Imagine: your Email talks to Word and tells it to write a personalised letter and attaches it to a personalised email and sends it off. This is the power of having a full suite of business applications that can talk to one another.

Apps Can be Controlled and Automated

Most business systems have some basic form of automation but they are usually extremely limited because they rely on 3rd party apps. 3G Business comes with a full suite of 26+ Business Apps including a Word-like Editor, Outlook-like email and calendar, Excel-like spreadsheet editor plus many more that can be controlled and automated by the 3G Business System.

What 3G Business Can Do For Your Business?

  • Close More Sales

    Automate your sales processes, sales admin work & follow-ups.

  • KILL Admin Work

    Automate admin & greatly increase productivity.

  • Get Back More Time

    Let 3G Business manage your staff, jobs, services & customers.

  • Automate Web Enquiries

    Let 3GB create your customer files, manage and distribute your leads and auto-respond to customer enquiries.

  • Get More Customers

    3GB AutoPilot Marketing will nurture your leads, convert them into prospects and sales.

  • Simplify Accounts

    Automate quotes, invoices and accounts.

  • Automate Calendar Sync

    Auto-sync all jobs, services & appointment data directly to and from field staff mobile devices.

  • Access on Any Device

    Free up your business data & access anywhere at any time.

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Just A Few of Our Powerful Apps...

Reminds your staff - 1) What to do 2) When to do it 3) How to do it 4) With extensive right click features enabling your staff to quickly & efficiently perform complex tasks with a few simple mouse clicks.

Really Simplify Work Management and Distribution

Let 3GB Manage Your Staff

Managing a business comes with many challenges, one being staff management. The problem is you can’t manage each and every task of each staff member or can you? With the 3GB Action Management System now you can automatically remind staff what to do, when to do it, how to do it, monitor workloads and distribute work more evenly.

A Single Messaging App for ALL!

The problem with messaging is the different messaging types (Email, Fax, SMS, Voicemail), the different ways to access them (Outlook, Gmail, Web) and the multiple accounts for each staff member. 3GB simplifies all the above; View all types of messages in 1 single application, allow 3GB to manage who get what message and allow all staff to use 1 or more accounts. No more wasting time looking for this message or that attachment. Monitor and categorise every message and let 3GB  place every message where it should be automatically.

1) Company Inbox, 2) Your Inbox, 3) Un-allocated messages, 4) View all message types separately, 5) Extensive right click features with Outlook like look and feel.

Centralise and simplify the management of all messages

1 click appointment creation, auto sms confirmations with sms reminders, auto google calendar synch and one single view of booked, confirmed, checked in/out, completed and paid jobs and services.

Save Time & Money with the 3GB Calendar

A Calendar That Does it ALL

The 3GB Multi-Resource MS Outlook-like calendar is one of the most powerful calendar systems on the market. With auto-appointment confirmations, 1-click appointment booking, recurring appointments and auto-invoice creation, SMS confirmation and reminders plus much more. Not only does all this simplify the scheduling of jobs and services in your business it also syncs ALL calendar data directly to and from the mobile devices of your field staff automatically, saving you Time and Money.

A Customer File with Everything!

All received, sent and created data for your customers will be automatically filed for you. No more creating customer email folders, customer document folders, forwarding customer emails to different staff members or different systems, and no more scanning, dragging and dropping. 3GB will take care of all your customer data.

1) A home for all your customer data; A Customer File for each customer with: Contact info, tasks, actions, reminders, jobs & services, all sent, received and created documents and pictures, all messages including emails, web forms, faxes, sms even quotes, invoices and payments. 2) View all sent and received messages for that customer, 3) All message types, 4) Extensive Outlook like features 5) With Outlook like look and feel.

ONE place for ALL your customer data…

1) View accounts per business or location 2) Analyse outstanding Invoices, Sales Invoices & Receipts and Till Balancing 3) Export data to Excel 4) Customise Accounts Grid 5) View accounts for specific period.

Save Time & Money - Simplify & Automate Your Accounts

Simplify Your Accounts

Your salespeople are responsible for the sale; so they should be able to see their customers’ accounts. With the ability to manage Current and Outstanding Invoices, Sales Receipts and end-of-day till balancing features plus being able to process payments with auto invoices, you will simplify and save even more.

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Automate Your Business With Ease…

Automate Documents with Ease!

Choose from over 1000 database fields (per customer), drag and drop to 3GB Word, Fax, SMS, Email or Appointment Template Editors and automate. With an MS Word-like look and feel, you will be able to streamline and automate all company correspondence in no time.

3GB Letter and Document Template Editor with drag and drop database fields.

Create Templates to Automate Easily

Access all your customer data directly in the email client; contacts and their data base fields, generate dynamic documents, quick attach all specific customer docs and reference docs, all within the email client.

Auto Emails, Faxes, SMS, Letters and Documents!

Let 3GB write Your Emails For You!

3G Business email, fax, sms and word clients come with the rich features you’re already used to in MS Office applications, eliminating the need for other tools and applications and providing you with some of the most innovative automation features you have ever seen or imagined.

Automate the Creation & Updating of Customer Files

The 3GB Email Parser Wizard enables you to automate incoming Email Messages, Web Enquiries, Emailed Documents and Pictures, create triggers based upon message content to automate the creation and updating of customer files, control business processes and send personalised auto-responses with personalised attachments. Parse & extract information directly to specific database fields and customer files.

Parse & extract email information, attached documents & pictures directly to customer files and send personalised auto-responses with personalised attachments.

Extract Email Data + Attachments Directly To Customer Files

Create Lead Nurturing, Up-Sell, Cross-Sell and Repeat Purchase Campaigns with Ease with just about any trigger you can imagine.

Create Auto-Marketing Campaigns with Ease

Automate your Marketing with Ease!

Use 3GB AutoPilot Marketing to automate Lead Nurturing so you never waste another lead. Maximise repeat business by automating your up-sell, cross-sell and repeat purchase campaigns. Increase sales with auto-Follow-Ups and reward your best customers via the VIP Loyalty System. 3G Business will help you get More Customers and More Sales!

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Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders Trust 3G Business


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconIs 3G Business a monthly recurring payment or a one-off charge?

    You can purchase 3GB Cloud on a monthly subscription or 3GB on your Own Network which is a one off charge.

  • q-iconWho Sets up 3G Business?

    Choose from 2 options: A – SELF Set-up which is FREE. B – Managed Set-up where we set-up for you for a fee.

  • q-iconWill my business data be secure?

    On both 3G Business Cloud and 3G Business on your OWN Network your data is totally secure; in both situations we install the 3G Business software on a private server.

  • q-iconCan I use my own email account/s or do you provide new ones?

    You can use your own email accounts (new or existing) or request new ones from us.

  • q-iconHow long does it take to set up 3G Business for my business?

    If we are setting it up for you, once we receive your data, it usually takes between 4 and 8 hours.

  • q-iconWhat payment methods are available for the monthly cloud option?

    We can directly debit your credit card or if you choose you can use direct bank transfer.

  • q-iconWhat are the costs for SMS messages

    The price for SMS varies from 5 cents to 8 cents depending on the volume purchased. please note these are high quality bidirectional SMSs. You only pay for SMSs sent, received SMSs are free.

  • q-iconDo you provide Documentation and Training?

    Upon purchasing 3G Business, you have access to our knowledge base, which contains lots of articles, videos and how-to documents. If you purchase set-up, you will be provided with user and admin training as well.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free.  If you're not happy with 3G Business for any reason, simply let us know (via email) and we'll happily refund your monthly subscription.

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